9th June 2024: Album “Seasons” by Sarah Leanne 🗓

This album contains a variety of 12 powerful, very melodic songs,

all of them sung, composed and with lyrics of / by Sarah Leanne.

It is very special moment cause it’s her first album to be released,
and also the same, first album, for Dreamy Records!
It’s starring super talented co-artists Tino Humbug, Yael Cremonesi and Toby Age!
Valentin Lautz is the producer of the album.

(Pre-)Save music here: https://music.imusician.pro/a/Ic1g25n3

This is a jewel and hence will also be available in a jewel box 😉
It comes within a clear case and a beautifully designed 16 page booklet,

including all the lyrics and artworked photographs.

You can buy it here on Dreamy Records:
CD Album “Seasons” – in Jewelbox – incl. 16 pages booklet

Alternatively order it directly via Paypal:

1. Intro (Hold On To The)
2. Cold
3. Dream Of Us
4. Time Melancholy (Sarah Leanne & Tino Humbug)
5. What Is True?
6. Pisces (Sarah Leanne feat. Toby Age)
7. Gone
8. While I Had Three Words In My Mind I Was Waiting For One From You
9. Summer To Winter
10. Not As Young As One Was (Sarah Leanne & Yael Cremonesi )
11. Highway To Universe
12. Outro (Moment Passing By)

Scheduled Release

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